Short Activity Breaks

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  Short activity



                                             Great for the busy professional!

Prior to turning my love for health and nutrition into a career, I was in the same boat as the majority of you reading this blog. My day consisted of driving an hour to and from work, skipping work breaks, eating at my desk, to having dinner on the couch followed by a couple of hours of TV, and then bed.  Despite my marathon training, and my efforts to eat well, I could not maintain my ideal body weight for my age and height. It was affecting my training and my confidence. 

It didn't hit me until I changed careers and went from a desk all day to being on my feet, how little an hour of exercise each day helps if you are sitting or lying down for 80% of your day. Let's face it, we move very little daily. You might find that blocking out a whole hour for exercise is hard but breaking it up into small movements throughout the day is more manageable. Not only that, but anyone can do it, even a beginner. 

Here is an idea from the January 2018 Fitness Journal, "Move 3 for Every 30", by Len Kravitz, PhD.

3 for Every 30 Sample walking intervals


1. 30/30 : 3 Rounds

This is 30 seconds of brisk walking and 30 seconds of recovery, perform 3 rounds

2. 15/15 : 6 Rounds

3. 45/45 : 2 Rounds

4. 8/12 : 9 Rounds

Another idea that I have incorporated and that has been successful with my clients is 4, 15 minute walk breaks. Some ideas for fitting it in are listed below. 

4 x 15


#1 Before work (before leaving the house or arrive to work early and walk the parking lot)

#2 Mid morning break/during lunch

#3 Mid afternoon break/after work before driving home

#4 After work (before or after dinner)

Don't wait, get moving today and check back for some easy body weight exercises for your office.