Mindful Eating


So this may be 2018, the year of podcasts for me. I am really enjoying, "Oprah's SuperSoul Conversations". Men, don't let this turn you away from giving it a listen. Women, I forward every one of these to my husband to listen to as well. It helps to let my husband know where I am coming from, where I am headed, and sometimes what I need.  In fitness and nutrition, it is important to have support and similar energy surrounding you to build a foundation for transformations and to make lifestyle changes...to succeed.

As my webpage states, Change starts with you. It's more than an hour of exercise, it's more than that lunchtime salad, it's really about deeply understanding yourself , being kind to yourself, and pausing to listen and become aware. How often do you slow down to think about what or why you are eating? Are you truly hungry? Are you filling a void or trying to push away an emotion? In this podcast you will hear Geneen discuss eating, why we over eat, what this says about us, and how to become more mindful.


Geneen Roth: Conscious Eating