Nothing comes all takes work!

In my previous post I discussed the need to move throughout the day, and not just that hour you put in at the gym. The thing is, if you really want to feel good and shed some weight then you must also change your food choices. No amount of exercise and movement can combat an unhealthy diet. Don't believe me? Take notice of all the people around you who have standing, active careers but are still overweight. Look at our children who are active in sports but still struggling with weight issues. I use to be that kid, I was active year round between swimming, basketball and track but I was still over weight. Why? Because I chose the a la carte line... donuts, honey buns, chips, pop, etc. and because our family spent most of our nights eating fast food in the car because we were all hungry and exhausted after practice, games and meets.

People always ask me, "How do you have such self control?" I tell them that I actually don't have any control... I just don't keep the foods that I can't resist in the house and I pack my food when I am out. I have a very small cooler that I pack healthy snacks, lunch and or dinner in for the days that I am away from home working. When we are at track meets and soccer games I pack food from home so that we don't end up at the concession stand which is full of candy, popcorn, chips and 500 calories muffins.


This photo was taken this past Sunday, it's the inside of our refrigerator. The entire top shelf is precooked veggies, rice and meat for the week. My husband fires up the grill on the weekend and I cook our side dishes. This takes a little bit of work but saves us so much time during our busy evenings. All we do is heat up food in the microwave and put dishes in the dishwasher. No big messes or pans to clean.

It can seem like a lot of work when you are used to ordering take-out, but if you are serious about your health and weight then I recommend that you eat from home and cook your own meals. Start small, like packing a lunch everyday or bringing snacks with you and build from there. It's going to be worth it and soon enough it will be second nature.