Winter Running



Kuddos and congrats to all the Indianapolis Monumental participants that got up early and pushed themselves in not so favorable weather conditions! My clients have been training in fair weather up until this point so with blustery winds and 20 degree weather the biggest question wasn't, "Can I finish this race?", it was "What do I wear?" It's never too early to stock up on winter gear. If you wait and aren't prepared then you will find yourself stuck inside or worse yet not walking or running at all just to avoid the hated "deadmill". Not to mention that winter can be hard on us mentally as well. If you tend to develop the "winter blues", then you definitely want to take your training outdoors. Even on a cloudy day the natural light and open space can boost your spirits.

Here are some must-have clothes and accessories to add to your holiday wish list.

  • Headlamp for the dark runs due to the shorter days
  • Reflective vest or clothing
  • Fleece or wool hat (For added protection try a fleece headband  under the hat)
  • Finger mittens or mittens (these work the best because the heat from your fingers help to keep them warm)
  • SmartWool socks to keep the toes warm
  • Neck gaiter if you dislike breathing in cold air or for those windy runs
  • Layer Up! Start with a sweat wicking base layer (Dri-Fit material)-NO COTTON, next an insulating layer (fleece) and lastly a wind or waterproof layer (Gore-Tex or nylon)
  • Winter tights
  • Traction cleats for snow and ice

So now that you have the proper clothing, get out there and try it! It’s worth it, your body temperature will rise and the cold air on your face will feel great. The best part is that you can shed layers and cool down if you feel hot.