Going Above and Beyond

A make-shift standing desk

A make-shift standing desk

Just last week my client, Shannon (in the photo above), and I had a discussion about how an hour of exercise is not enough to facilitate weight loss when you have an 8-hour desk job and that finding another 30 minutes or more of exercise with a family is hard to come by in a day.   I explained that coupled with a healthy diet she would have to find different ways to elevate the heart rate and burn more calories while at work and at home by asking herself a couple of questions...

1. Can I complete this task by myself manually? For example...

  • Push mow your lawn and clean your house, stop hiring the work to be done
  • Take a walk to your co-worker's desk to relay information rather than an email or phone call
  • Walk, jog or bike to work
  • Take the stairs

2. Can I physically by active while doing this? For example...

  • Get out of the car during your child's sports practice and walk, jog or bike
  • Try a walking meeting with your co-workers
  • Invest in a treadmill desk or standing desk
  • Stand or walk during calls
  • Perform a few exercises during TV commercial breaks 

Shannon took action immediately and sent me the above photo of her makeshift standing desk. I just love it! You don't have to spend a lot of money to make small changes and in some cases you save money. You may want to look into a more affordable rolling laptop desk or bed hospital table if you like this idea.