Week 4 Long Bike + Run


Time to pick it up, adding one more element to my training plan!                                                         A run off of my long bike on Saturday morning. 

Yes, it's mid May and I am still using my trainer for my long bike rides. I prefer to keep it this way for another month or so, maybe occasionally heading out on the road. A few reasons for this...

  1. I can focus on my efforts and not the cars or the crazy drivers that are texting around me.
  2. There's no coasting, stopping at lights, or waiting on cars on the trainer.                               My legs move the entire time.
  3. I can hook up to my Kinetic Fit and monitor my heart rate zones for training.
  4. I can begin my ride at 4:30 am, ride for 2 hours while it's dark, hop off and run outside with the sunshine and be back in time for breakfast with the family (this is a priority). Not only that but it's a quiet world at this time in the morning, my calm before the storm...peace. It seems crazy but it's what I need to begin my day on the right foot. 

For the triathletes out there, here is my workout for this particular day...

20 minute warm-up staying in heart rate zone 2-3

2 x 6.2 miles at zone 3.5/3 minutes of recovery zone 2

4 x :20 FAST (120 rpm), :40 recovery (90 rpm)

3 x 8:30.00 zone 4.2-4.5, 2:30.00 recovery zone 2-3

Run off the bike for 50 minutes

It's Monday now, my only rest day!

Loving Monday!!!